What is it?

  • Internet of Things links uniquely identifiable things to their virtual representations in the Internet containing or linking to additional information on their identity, status, location or any other business, social or privately relevant information.
  • Internet of Things

How is it used in teaching and learning?

  • Remote Data Collection
  • Teach Programming Principles
  • Research & Development into future IP-based sensor applications

What's happening at Notre Dame?

  • Convia IP Ceiling Grid in DeBartolo B003 (in use)
  • Office of Sustainability Project - Tracking Energy Use in Residence Halls using Smart Meters (coming soon)
  • Transpo - CIty bus GPS tracking including "The Sweep" @ ND and St Mary's (in testing)
  • Food Services - Monitoring avaibility of Residence Hall washers & dryers (coming soon)
  • College of Engineering - Introduction to Environmental Engineering - LakeNet Assignment